That time I got fat

I’m trying to get all fit and stuff but sometimes I really just want to eat cheese covered fried chicken with a side of bacon while drinking a Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, or Cherry Pepsi all day long. Then if I am still hungry I’d sure love to take a giant Reese and snack on that for a bit. The sad truth of the matter is, that if I do this I will not have the physique I desire.

streetSaturday morning run with the fancy jogging stroller

We all have things to work on and there are definitely parts of my body that I would love to change. Overall though, I can say I am happy with the way I look. I’ve embraced this body that I have because if not I would be miserable daily. Also, it made a human… Truth be told I would love to swing back to my middle school/high school days when I had a more athletic build with visible muscle definition on my arms and legs when I thought I was fat. We were such stupid kids back then.

Going to college didn’t strip me of my glorious muscles. I worked hard my 1st year of college, still being an athlete and working 3rd shift for UPS tossing gently moving packages into their perspective containers for between 4-5 hours. I was burning calories and building muscles all while being miserable yet earning a paycheck. At this time in life I ate WHATEVER I wanted all day long. I never paid attention to what I ate, how much I ate, if I had enough protein and fiber in my diet or whaterr(that was a mistake but when I read it back I was like ehh I’ll leave that in). If I was hungry I would eat and make sure it was cheap because I didn’t have enough green backs to be picky about it. I could have bought a head of lettuce for $1 and ate that but instead I bought Roman noodles, sliced cheese, and a loaf of bread and had lunch for a week. Never had much of a problem drinking water, I’ve always loved it.

The fat began to accumulate when I left my dream job at UPS to work in a call center as a bill collector (my bad if we have previously had an uncomfortable conversation or two…. I needed the money). Sitting around calling strangers all day that tell you how much of a dirty little slut-bag you are and that your children will be the spawn of Satan because you are the worst human alive who should be ashamed of the line of work you have decided to go into can result in some over indulgences to avoid punching my fist through the monitor. You know how hard it is to be nice to someone who is cursing your mother? HARD… I’m talking like a really firm…. piece of wood. That’s hard. To keep my mouth shut I would put stuff in it.. not that you perv!

When I got pregnant I was shaped all funny and stuff. Worse then Kim Kardashian, and I didn’t see what all the fuss was about, she looked pregnant to me. Anyway, my final weight while pregnant was about 245… That is depressing. About two weeks after he was born I was down to 214. It was coming off quickly and I wasted no time getting back to my terrible eating habits. All of a sudden my weight went back up to 228 (not really that quickly but it seemed like it). I was still wearing my maternity pants and they were getting tight. What in the hell have I done to myself? I was in a terribly toxic relationship at this point as well which definitely did not make matters any better.

pregnant-kim-kardashian-givenchy-roses-dress-met-gala-2013We should never judge pregnant people, it isn’t far… only their outfit choices. Especially when they look like the above photo. I’m guessing that didn’t go as planned.

At this time I was working at a University (different one than I work at now) and I had food all around me including hidden at my desk. Immediately I gave away all candy, soft drinks, and unhealthy snacks at my desk. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and asked for a jogging stroller for my birthday.. I wanted a good one!


Stay tuned for the rest of the story!


4 thoughts on “That time I got fat

    • Exactly! It makes zero sense! I just love all of the things crispy and greasy… or bread and pasta. If it is bad for me then I want it! haha. Glad you can relate. 🙂

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