Welcome to the arena

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare


I know my blog name may confuse many and have you wondering just why I named my blog “Sold out Arenas”. The answer, I have no freakin’ idea other then it was a lyric in a song that made me laugh at the fact that the rapper 2Chainz made two words rhyme. “Sold out arenas you can suck my penis”. There, I said it. I have some dear friends that have come up with some similar rhymes that I’ll share with you below along with their twitter handle if you’d like to follow them. Feel free to dance as 2chainz has led you.


“sold out mobile homes, give me some dome. Sold out bingo halls, y’all can suck my balls.”-@ironmansam

“I’ve sold out stadiums so you can give me some cranium”-@ironmansam

“sold out the track, y’all can lick my crack” -@jnrale01

“Just built a gazebo, you can lick my pee-hole.”-@ironmansam

“Just ran a race I’d rather piss in your face”-@beauty_fitmode (this one is me)

As you can see we took it a bit to far trying to be like our good friend 2Chainz. It’s kind of tough when you don’t have dreadlocks. 2Chainz gave us some tough shoes to fill… here is another one of my fav’s that I can’t imagine just how long it took him to come up with. “She got a big booty so I call her big booty”. Instant classic I tell ya! I like to think she is the same person that he’s “got her saved in my phone under big booty”. That 2Chainz, so wise!


The two people from twitter are some pretty funny folks so feel free to give them a follow, they aren’t bloggers, rather people I know in real life. (she has friends? Gasp!)

I’d like to point out that this post started off with integrity and ended with pure filth. What can I say. I have no direction on this blog. I would also like to give a sincere apology to William Shakespeare for his involvement in this. You didn’t deserve it!

ENJOY this beautiful Friday friends!



6 thoughts on “Welcome to the arena

  1. hahaha your apology to ol’ WIlliam made me laugh!
    Every time I come to your blog I end up singing that song!!!
    Its sad that Im singing this song and my son says What I dont understand LMAO!!!!

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