Virtual hugs!


Being thankful is something that can really change your life. I’m not talking about just saying “thank you” at the appropriate time in a given setting. I’m talking about being thankful for what you have or don’t have, the good days, the bad days. Just being thankful to be alive and able to do the things that you want to do.

I am guilty of complaining about things that are outside of my control one too many times. I set high expectations for people and get upset when they do not end up how I expected. That is my fault; not theirs. You see, we all are very limited in our time here so instead of always thinking about what we do not have, how about we all just give some stranger on the sidewalk a hug because we are thankful for what we do have. It’s not weird hugging someone that doesn’t expect it, they may scream and try to run away but just hug them tighter, because they want it; they need it! (kidding, don’t do this.. you may get punched in the face)

I like to think that I’m allergic to people that are not appreciative. My mother had to raise 6 children by herself because my dad decided he would rather focus on sticking his magic stick in other women and continue to produce more children and then not provide for them. We were poor. My dad didn’t help, my mom’s family couldn’t help but did what they could. You know how many times my mom complained? ZERO! Not one time did I ever hear my mom talk about how hard it was for her, how she wanted things and couldn’t have them, or how this just was not fair. My dad got to run around with no responsibility doing what he very well pleased while she took care of us. (they were divorced by the time I was 3ish). I am sure she did vent to someone because I do believe its healthy to have an outlet.. just not all the time, isn’t there something else to talk about? I know it isn’t basketball season but still there has to be something else in life. If you can’t think of anything than maybe you should read a book or start watching some Real Housewives of Atlanta.

My mom had many reasons to be upset, many things to complain about but instead she took her energy and focused on raising her children the best she could. Sometimes I would find her crying in the closet because she didn’t want us to see that she was having a hard time, I found her once or twice and gave her my little kid hug… all sticky and stuff (because kids are sticky, get it? no?)

She did something that I do not think I could ever do. My brothers and I were all born within a year of each other. Let me break the numbers down because I know numbers can be difficult. After our birthdays this year the ages will go as follows from oldest to youngest, 31,30,29,28,28,27. (there is a set of twins in there). She raised us mostly by HERSELF). My grandfather was in the military and often stationed out of the country so when possible my grandmother would help.

My mom NEVER did anything for herself when we were growing up. The only time she did complain was when my brothers and I were swinging a broom around the living room like crazy fools and broke something she had hanging on the wall and she said “I can never have anything because you guys always break it!” This was true. One of the twins was swinging a yo-yo around the kitchen and broke the screen of the microwave. Awesome! It’s not like she had anything fancy, it was just the principal. We lived in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment and since I was the only girl I couldn’t share a room with my brothers so the 5 of them had to share a room. We didn’t have cable or even caller ID for that matter, just the basics that we needed to survive. Crazy thing is that we didn’t even know we were poor until we got older because we had what we needed most. Love.

What was the point of all this? Oh yea, if you feel that you are complaining and not as thankful as you could be just stop for a moment and think of someone else who is struggling more than you. I know that there are many children who grew up worse than I did; even if they had material possessions they may not have gotten the love that I did. So, with all that being said, all you have to do is look at something small that you have in life that someone else may be wishing for and take a moment to be thankful for it. It doesn’t even have to be a material item. Keep practicing and eventually you will be (if you aren’t already) a person that someone else is thankful to have in their life. I’m guessing you already are. Heck, I’m thankful that you care enough about me to read this blog. So thank you internet people! I really appreciate you and stuff. Virtual hugs! Ok, ouch, that hurt, the monitor is not soft at all but I gave it a real tight hug so you know its real! Talk about a boob smasher!

And thank God while you’re at it. He’s thankful for you.


One thought on “Virtual hugs!

  1. You’re absolutely right sometimes I get that woe is me when I talk about single motherhood but I have to be thankful that i have two great kids a great job a great family that helps me… life could definitely be worse. Virtual hugs back but im not hugging the monitor…LOL

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