Paper needs to be replaced

I saw this on Instagram over the weekend and suddenly life made sense. I had always struggled with the idea that paper could be victorious at smothering a rock. The only thing I’d ever noticed paper successfully do is jam a copier or create the most painful slice on my fingers for no reason at all. What did I ever do to you paper? I must seek revenge! Into the shredder you go where you will face the ever so terrifying process of being recycled! HAHA! I win!


June is my month guys! It has the best weather, the sunshine is perfect, it starts to get dark even later, and I was born this month. Duh. Is there even a month that would make more sense for me to born in? I don’t think so. This makes me a Gemini and while I do not get all involved with the astrology mess I do like to pretend as if I really do have a twin. (Gemini is the sign of the twin). I don’t like to be categorized by some random ghost writer that thinks because I was born during a certain month that me and millions of strangers have the same tendencies. I think not. As I was told growing up, I am special and no one is like me dang it!

How am I able to pull this off without getting committed to a psych ward you ask? Using my multiple personalities to manipulate my own mind into thinking that I am in fact sane. You may be able to tell through my many mood swings that pass through this tiny blog that I’ve created. I can switch from irritated to full on happy in a mere matter of moments. This does not mean I’m crazy; it just means that I choose happiness obviously. I plan to celebrate my month of birth by telling everyone about it. I just love to share the news that I have made it through another year without losing my mind. Life is tough. It is also what you make of it. You choose how you feel. There are of course many outside forces that can help influence it but overall you can only control yourself. So stop trying to control anyone else, you will never win and they will resent you for it.

Today is Monday. Let us all try to an be productive and keep whatever promises we made at the end of last week to start doing on Monday. Why? Because why not?


5 thoughts on “Paper needs to be replaced

  1. 1000in30 is basically 1000minutes of physical activity in 30 days… I skipped yesterday haha not off to a good start. Erin from Living in Yellow is hosting it.

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