For real though, Fitness Friday

How ’bout those pictures though? Fitness Friday Link-up: Picture Edition


How ’bout those muscles though? I know they are tiny but they are my friends and you promised you would be nice to any new friends that I introduce you to so be kind. I know I’m not a powerhouse over here but I’d like to offer you two tickets to the gun show.. or one ticket since you can only see one gun here. Ignore some of the other not so toned places on my body. I’ve still got some work to do.

hair strand

How ’bout that hair strand though? Keep it up and I’ll cut you from the team pimpin’. Get with the curls or get out!

final weigh in

How ’bout that dirty mirror though? I won my diet bet peeps! Cheers to that and my terrible full length mirror pic. Lookin’ like a million bucks over there!


How ’bout that water though? Drink up so you can pee every 30 minutes with me. I can’t be the only person who lives in the bathroom at work.



5 thoughts on “For real though, Fitness Friday

    • Thank you! I am considering moving my blog to blogger because Word Press is making my life difficult as of late. I love the linkup and plan to continue with it 🙂

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