A lovely link-up

‘Tis a lovely day outside, even though the sky is dark gray

‘Tis a lovely week so far, even though there’s been pain and dismay

‘Tis a lovely month we’ve had, even though all that’s left is tomorrow and Saturday

‘Tis a lovely year my dear, even though grief and struggles came our way

A new course, a new path that we can follow any given day

You see, waking up this morning, in my bed I lay

Thankful to see my lovely son already at play

Lovely is the breathe he breathes I honestly must say

This I cherish and thank God for when I bow my head to pray

Able to see the beauty and loveliness he created his own way.

I am thankful for all of the beauty in the world as it can be powerful enough to smash the evil that we have all experienced in some capacity. One this lovely day I am joining a new linkup for the first time and hope you will join me as well! Besos!


Lovely Thursdays

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