Weekend Recapola

I love long weekends! On Friday I was so excited to have three days off that I basically did a whole lot of nothing at work in preparation of having extra time off. I know you do it too don’t get all judgy on me now. I made the decision to pick my son up from daycare after work and head straight to the playground with the giant water sprayer thingy.

joshy water

He was loving every minute of it. This kid lives for playing in water, whether it be the bath, the sink, a puddle outside, my bottle of water that I was trying to drink, anything with water in it is a toy. I however, did not plan ahead accurately and thought that it would be safe to let my 2 year old run around barefoot on concrete where the public hangs out. Needless to say we had to leave early because he got two blisters on his toes that popped and were bleeding. He was cool with it, that is until I sad we needed to leave to clean them out and bandage them up. As soon as we get to the car he decides that his toes are in fact falling off and the world is about to collapse on top of him. Mind you he was not even crying or concerned as long as he was still playing in the water. He is all good now, minus the blood curdling scream when I put peroxide on it.

joshySee, he was just as happy as could be the next day.

Saturday was the Run for the “L” of it 5k that the University of Louisville Alumni Association puts on every year to raise scholarship money for students. My friend Kara and I do this race every year as we are proud alumni and they always have the best t-shirts. We have way too much school spirit (you will notice once football season begins). I am very proud to be a graduate from the University of Louisville. By the way, I have the best red face after working out.. It’s amazing.

afterNever ask a man to take a picture of you and your friend. He completely cut out the backdrop.

Following the race I spent some time trying to battle my way back from a major loss in a game of spades with my boyfriend and his sister. I was doing pretty well in my mind trying to make a last second comeback. If we didn’t run out of time I am convinced that I would have been the victor. My opinion is obviously biased.

Next on my plate was a much needed manicure and pedicure. It had been awhile and my feet were beginning to put scratch marks on my hardwood floor. This is the original hardwood from when the house was built in the 40’s so you know its real. Upon completion of the beauty process I had dinner with my friend Lucretia and then jetted off to pick up my darling angel face baby boy. My son is with my 97% of the time so if he isn’t then I am sure to cram as many activities as possible into my day to make the most of it. I love being with my son all the time and the days that I don’t have him I need to be occupied with other things so as not to obsess about whether he is alright or not.

Sunday was pretty routine, church with my man followed by lunch with my friend and our children and grocery shopping. Monday (memorial day), I did some cleaning around the house and about a 2 mile run with my son in the jogging stroller. If you have never ran with a jogging stroller than you have no idea how difficult it is. I have let some friends push him and they agree that this level of difficulty is torturous. How ’bout them legs though? Looking pretty nice after a summer of pushing a 37 pound baby 2 year old giant. After the race my son took a nap, I made some lunch for us. Then we met my muscular man piece at the park for a stroll followed by a trip to the mall. We got home later that evening, had dinner and played outside a bit more until bedtime.

Yesterday was back to work day and today I must still think its the freakin’ weekend because I did this.

earringsTWO EARRINGS!! Trying to get my 2 chainz vibe on this morning.

I plan to wear these two different earrings all day. Why? I’m different, yep I’m different. Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missin. Anyway.. I’ve taken too much of your time. Good morrow to you my peeps.


One thought on “Weekend Recapola

  1. Ha your lil one reminds me of mine! Hes fine if he gets hurt as long as he can still play!
    My face gets super red and splotchy after working out no after pics of me LOL

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