jayzNow, once upon a time not to long ago. A person like myself had a doctor’s appointment to go. This is not an appointment in the sense of havin’ a checkup. But an appointment to assess instead. Try and push it down, try to ignore and pray to the lord. But some things you just have to explore. You know the type, not causing strife, but WOULD bust a grape in a fruit fight.

And the only that’s gonna happen is, I’m-a get to testin and me and myself are gonna be acting like nothin’s happenin. And there I go, trapped in lab again. Back to the doctor with the symptoms again. Sittin in the chair, what’s goin on again? Doctor’s with the papers, prescribing em. No answers or results, test time again. Take these pills for now they keep answerin. All because this activity was bafflin’. Tryna diagnose like he’s HOUSE and them. But ain’t nothin’ sweet when the diagnosis come. I’ve got 99 problems and Epilepsy is one.


In case you couldn’t figure that one out my sweet friends. That was my rendition of how I was diagnosed with Epilepsy using Jay Z’s 99 problems. Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll give you more details on my diagnosis. This happened in 2009 but there is still no cure. See you kids tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “EPILEPSY

  1. u left out the part about how ur bff aka House diagnosed you before all those doc appointments and tests 🙂

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