If you could take a nap right now, would you?


There is not any moment in time when I would turn down a nap.

Wake up. Nap.

Sit down. Nap.

Eat lunch. Nap.

Work out. Nap.

Eat Dinner. Nap.

Poop. Nap.

Go to bed. Nap.


All day long I am envious of all of the children at my son’s daycare because I know they will get to take a midday nap and I won’t get to. What scientist/doctor decided that after age 5 you do not really need a nap? I disagree. Anyone down to help fund a research study on the direct correlation of naps in adults and happiness? It’s science.

There is no way they are not linked. Seriously. You know its true and if you do not agree with me than you probably are the person that only sleeps 4 hours at night and feels like 100 million dollars in the morning and I hate you. (not really, I love you.. now stop giving me the evil eye)

I get anywhere from 6.5-8 hours of sleep per night depending on what time I go to bed, if my son wakes up, if I dream about vampires and zombies, if my foot is not out of the blanket, my pillow gets too hot, I almost fall out of bed, I wake up thinking it is 6am but it is only 12am, my drunk neighbors are fighting in the yard topless, or if there is a police chase that night. Finally, the biggest sleep thief of thoughts. Impossible scenarios that only  happen in movies which include how quickly I will respond if my house were to catch fire because a swarm of fireflies blindly ran into my back door and exploded so now I have to grab my son and exit as quickly as possible to save our lives form the firefly gas.


The one thing that affects my sleep the most after my crazy thoughts… EMOTION. I cannot sleep if I am upset. I can be upset because my friend posted something negative about Mexican food and I am wondering how someone could be so hateful toward such delicious cuisine but I do not want to get into a social media battle so I do not post a response. Instead I will lay there all night thinking of all of the great things I can say back. Constantly refreshing the feed to see if someone checked my friend because I will not do it. Eventually I’ll fall asleep and wake up mad that something so stupid affected my sleep.

What makes it difficult for you to sleep at night? Do you want a nap all day, errday like me?


8 thoughts on “Naptastic

  1. LOL! I would totally accept any nap offered (allowed) to me!! Especially today after a 3 hour interruption from 3am-6am of the power going out, coming back on, going out… 🙄

  2. you know how i feel about nap time. there are many days i would pay any amount of money or even donate a limb or two for just a half an hour or so. thats not asking too much. and THANK YOU for understanding what its like to not be able to sleep when upset…even if it is over something as small on what you want to say about a fb post. i will refresh with the best of them. sometimes i even type things out on my phone’s notepad or in an email draft just so i can try to stop obsessing over everything in my mind that i want to say. i think we were separated at birth.

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