Hair choppin’

How many selfies can one person take? As many as I want too… How else am I supposed to know how I look to other people.


What are those???

I had been going back in forth in my mind and with my bf and bff about cutting my hair. I usually NEVER cut my hair; the most that stylist better do is barely nip the ends and trim up the layers if she wants to live. The problemo was that the ends of my hair were fried from ombreing it to death. Why so much bleach ombre? (not funny? oh ok)

The last time my hair was shorter than this was my senior year of high school and I hated it. I hate looking at pictures of it. I was looking real stupid. My face doesn’t do well with short hair. You can see it more. My hair takes the attention away from my face. You’re welcome world. It took less than 15 minutes for my hair to be sliced up and chopped off, falling to its death on the salon floor with no friends to comfort it.

I showed my hair stylist several pictures of how I wanted to cut it and even showed her the place on my shirt that was the shortest I would be willing to accept. She cut the front pieces to where I had pointed out to be used as a guide and then had me stand up so she could cut the back. All of a sudden I start feeling the scissors on a place of my back that I am not familiar with mentioning as a place I would be comfortable having my hair fall and I stand there wondering what the hell home girl is doing back there. My mind is screaming at me “tell her to stop!!” It’s too late, may my hair RIP.

I stand their in silence knowing that she cut more than I wanted and she has not even begun to add layers. I don’t know what to do. My mind was all over the place but I was frozen and a little panicked inside not knowing what to expect.

When I was looking for haircut ideas I stumbled across this one.

kelly-pitts-the-gameBrittany Daniel from “The Game”

I thought it was gorgeous but no way I would ever cut my hair that short. So I thought anyway.

 Well, my hair stylist must communicate with hair telepathically because that my friends, is exactly what I ended up with and I never ever mentioned this picture or asked for her to cut it this way. When the haircut was complete I was sad, angry, and I felt ugly.

hair compare

I immediately knew that I needed to go home and curl it at least because my hair does not look that great when it is straight.

haircut 3

It definitely looked better but I still did not feel so confident about it yet. I have always received many compliments on my long hair. I know this all sounds petty but my hair always been my favorite physical attribute. Would people think I was ugly now?

I sound so shallow….

A good friend told me that I needed to have my hair cut off because I have been hiding behind it. Clearly I needed so feel vulnerable. “You can’t hide behind your hair.” I was told.

Everyone says they like it. (I don’t think anyone would tell me to my face if they didn’t) Instagram likes it so you know its real! I have to figure out how to style this little guy for the time being so if you have any tips please send them to me.

awkwardUntil my hair grows out I’ll just keep taking awkward selfie work pictures where I look like a baby giraffe the first time it tries to walk.

I have learned a lesson this week though. The next time someone tries to cut my hair shorter than I want I may have to beat them the way Solange did Jay Z… Just sayin’


I’m out!



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