A child’s love

mothers dayThe best at taking non-serious pictures

A letter to my son:

Yesterday was our 3rd Mother’s day since your birth. It was the first time you could say Happy Mother’s Day (even though you were just repeating me) and it melted my heart. On Friday morning I woke up to hearing you sing “twinkle, twinkle, little star” and that was probably the best way to wake up in the morning. You have also recently started singing a song to me before you go to sleep at night.

You have modified the song that I have been singing to you every night since you were born except where I usually say your name, you say Mommy. I do not think you could do anything more precious at any moment in time. Your voice is the one sound I will always enjoy. (even when you scream)

Yesterday morning we had breakfast at church with the other mother’s and you were less than thrilled to be there. We had to arrive two hours earlier than normal and we both struggled to get moving that early. Obviously you prefer to play outside; can’t say I blame you for that one kid, it was a gorgeous day. You still did pretty well. Especially considering you would then have to sit through one of the longest church services that we have attended. You are still only 2 years old and you are handling the way I instruct you better each and every day. (even though you like to blow your nose on my arm… most disgusting thing in the world.) True life.. I hate snot and buggers more than anything else.


Look at my hair folks

Looking into your precious little face I see your uncles sometimes. It is so weird how much you look like them. Your love for laughter is comparable to nothing. This is definitely something you get from hanging around me all the time.

You have the best smile and you love going to Target with me as long as you can eat a banana or two while we are in the store.

If it weren’t for you, Mother’s Day wouldn’t be a holiday honoring me. I may not even be here at all if not for being blessed with you. My life was on a negative and very destructive path before I knew you were to be born. You saved my life and one day I want to share with you just how you did that. On this Mother’s Day I want to thank you for coming into this world and challenging me to be a better person. You changed my life forever, for the better, and I couldn’t thank God more for giving me a perfect little angel face baby boy to hang out with!

I love you Joshua!!

haircut2Best kid ever

Side note, You may have noticed that my hair has been chopped… I’ll post about that tomorrow.

Start Monday out right and make someone else smile today! It truly is contagious.


2 thoughts on “A child’s love

  1. i just love him. you do have the best kid ever…that is no lie people. i am not normally a fan of hids but he is the greatest. ps-i cant believe u chopped ur hair and didnt tell me! looking forward to seeing ur new look tomorrow!

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