Shut the hell up

Alright, today calls for another post. I just read what I typed and was not happy about it. Sure we all have bad days. I am stronger than that. We are stronger than that. I am not going to just sit around on a freakin’ Friday and be down about my life and my situations. I am telling myself to shut up because I AM ALIVE DAMN IT!

Sometimes I guess I/we get too caught up in our own life and what crap we are dealing with. Maybe I am an emotional/hormonal raging beast right now. Maybe I do think I could benefit from a fight with a brick wall (minus the bloody knuckles, although I do love a good battle wound..).

All in all I hold too much in, I do not share how I am really feeling with the people that needs to hear it. I try to pacify everyone and instead I hold it all in to avoid stepping on someone else’s toes. Well children, today I am going to get over myself and my feelings because I am really the only one who cares about it. I have a job to do today.. literally, I have to work. So all of this poor me boo hoo crap is a waste of my time.

I will still share some of my life struggles in the future because I think it can be helpful to others but not in a “poor me” kind of way.

We are women and Beyoncé said that we run the world and Beyoncé is never wrong. EVER!


Not even super bowl Beyoncé. You try to dance all fierce and control you face. It is impossible.


Sorry if you don’t like Beyoncé… not


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