smolderThis is my happy face.. and this is an old picture but hey.. I didn’t blog back then.

Immediately following a post about eating healthy and participating in the dietbet challenge I went on an eating out binge. Something you may not know about me is that I suffer from a disorder of sorts… It is referred to as Freefoodbingitis. You may have never heard of this probably because I just made it up. What is it you may ask? Well, it’s when you are going to have access to free food via any channel and abuse said access in a minor or major way by eating as much as possible and try to guarantee your little sassy pants gets a to go plate.

Free food trumps eating healthy most days (which is not healthy) but since my pockets are as skinny as a blade of grass I dive head first into queso when it comes to eating free. In the event that someone is offering to buy my food, free food is just sitting around or someone just wants me to eat with them at their house than you better bet your last Ab Lincoln penny that I will be eating it (unless its seafood.. you can keep that ish). This is something I learned in college and from my good friend Kara.

Free food happened in my life a couple of times this weekend and I can not say I was mad about it. My grandfather had to have surgery in the city. My grandpa is like my most favorite of all favorites. My dad was a super douche and never around but my grandpa happily stepped in and did more than enough to compensate. I love that man so much. He is the bestest ever…

Naturally my grandmother needed someone to eat dinner with before she headed back to the country and I was on board. I do not take advantage of the freeness by ordering super expensive.. I order what I always get. We ate at the carb-a-docious restaurant Olive Garden. I even provided my grandma with a coupon. That fettuccine alfredo was heavenly. Up until this point in the day I had eaten very well. (Also, I did run the next day, and do some yard work also.. I know that doesn’t help with weightloss.. 80% food 20% exercise.. blah blah)

grandmaThe greatest grandma and my adorable little dude

On Saturday my grandma was back in town to pick up my grandpa from the hospital and he wanted to eat a gigantic steak post surgery. He opted to eat at Longhorn’s. This day I enjoyed some spinach dip and some parmesan crusted chicken. It was fabulous. My grandfather is recovering well by the way. Still in pain but doing better daily.

grandpaStill hopped up on pain meds and in pain is my Army retired grandpa slamming down a 26oz steak.. cuz he can. He’s bout that life son. Ignore his facial expression; back surgery is no small thing.

Sunday I just had to continue the fat intake. My good friend just got back in town from North Carolina so we decided to eat some El Nopal. After eating this El Nopal I remembered that on Monday (today) my co-workers and I are going to eat El Molcajete for lunch. Cinco de Mayo!!

Now I feel like a super fatty and I am going to have to skip the cheat meals (maybe) for the remainder of the dietbet. I am going to work out super hard and see if my weight is coming off at the pace necessary to win. If not, the cheat meals will be eliminated. I DO NOT LOSE MONEY PEOPLE!

mallMall selfie with my sidekick and my god-daughter. They are both the cutest ever.

I hope you had an excellent weekend and ate fewer fats than I did. If not, we are in this together!

Do you still love me? or naw…



4 thoughts on “Freefoodbingitis

  1. so glad i could introduce you to the fabulousness of free food. it is by far the bestest ever and i very much suffer from freefoodbingitis right along with u. i just almost jumped thru the computer to get my mouth on that steak. ur grandparents are the best ever btw. glad ur gpa is recovering well!

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