Friday Warriors


Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here? It is no secret that I love this movie! Gladiator is my JAM! Russell Crow rocks my face off in this roll. I cry A LOT watching this film. Very unrelated to anything in the post but hey.. that’s me.


We made it to Friday again! WOOHOO! I’d like to thank everyone who has made it possible for me to successfully make it to Friday without punching anyone or committing any crimes (other than speeding). You just do not know how difficult it can be do drive down the street and not run over the people who just think that they can cross the street at any moment and take their sweet time.

I’m not talking about people that cross at the crosswalk when they have the right of way. I’m talking about those people that cross the street anywhere when there is traffic and walk so slow that you have to break. Seriously, someone can hit you… especially the people that are texting and driving, arguing while driving, crying while driving… Some people are so careless when it comes to crossing the street that it is scary. Value your lives people! You only have one.

That went on way too long. I know you agree; that is if you are still reading now. This weekend looks to be one that is filled with no plans and hopefully a ton of fun with my son. That kid is the best time! I love weekends with nothing planned; way more relaxing. What are you doing this weekend?

louisvilleThis is Louisville, KY… I live here… duuurrrr

It’s derby time here in the derby city. If you are in the Louisville area please stay alive this weekend. Do not drink and drive. Please leave all weapons at home and do not kill each other. If you must fight please do it fairly (although I prefer you do not fight at all) and make sure that no one really gets hurt. This is supposed to be a fun time; remember that! Now go get wasty faced for me since I will not.

fight scene


Finally I leave you with this…

hoodlumism-twerking_3574404_GIFSoup.comShake somethin’

LOVES YA!! Especially if you read all that crap I just typed.. it was lame.. I know.





4 thoughts on “Friday Warriors

  1. I love weekends with no plans WOOT WOOT! omg people make me crazy I was driving down the street at like 8pm and almost hit a COP! seriously the one person who should know not to just walk into oncoming traffic with all black on!

    • I know right! I am not surprised that the cop just walked out in front of you. Some of them act as if they are invincible for sure! At times I wish I was in a game of Grand Theft Auto and could receive bonus points for hitting people.. in real life I would be devastated if I did though. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. i am way behind! i love your random thought blogs. and you know i almost peed my pants thinking about your ppl crossing the road rant from last week. hilarious!

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