Bad day smackdown


Escalator selfie with some strangers… HEYY

Welcome back to the fabulous life of the broke and un-famous. This is your captain speaking and I hope that you have had just the perfect little week so far. If you are like me, (which I am guessing you are not, maybe we have similarities but I am sure you are as unique and fantastic as Mighty Mouse!) you have probably had a bad day in the last week, month, year, decade.. something.

mighty mouse

If that is you, then I am going to share how to get through a bad day while using football GIFs from the greatest football teams of all time! The University of Louisville Cardinals. I apologize in advance if you are a Florida Gators fan… can we still be friends?

This is how a bad day feels… It catches you off guard and smacks you so hard that all of your defense mechanisms and plans of action are useless. A perfect example… you are a quarterback that was sacked so hard that your helmet popped off and you get up so mad that you want to rip someone’s face off like that guy in Florida did that one time.. except he ate that mans face.. eww anyway.

You need to pick yourself up, dust off all of that negativity, cry if you need to, scream if you have to.. and then, you do your own personal dance to pump yourself up. You heard me correctly. Amp yourself up with whatever little moves motivate you to keep going. Why? Because you have to and who can be angry when they are dancing? Not this guy (his name is Teddy Bridgewater BTW.. he is up for the NFL draft in case you care).

I like to jump right out of bed and do this little dance at my alarm clock after I have hit snooze 20 times. Like “yea, I owned you hittin snooze all those times, come at me bro!”

Once you are done being your personal cheerleader you will need to remind that bad day who runs this show. YOU are the BOSS! (baws). You hit that bad day when it is not looking and show no remorse. You are stronger than that day and you will make sure that bad day remembers!

Finally, some bad days just do not seem to listen when you are going all beast mode on your own and fighting like two women over Flavor Flav. What do you do now? Well you bring in all of your peeps to help you out. That’s right, call up the crew; friends, family, strangers… whoever has your back.

Sometimes it will take more than just you to get through a bad day. More often than not you will need a team to help support you along the way. We are human and we can NOT get through everything by ourselves. I have tried it before. It does not work and it feels pretty dang lonely. If you don’t have a team then go ahead and email me. I will be your team! (just know that I will probably try to make you laugh because that is how I get down with the git down)

If you are not a football fan than these GIFs were probably not that entertaining for you and I do apologize. Do not worry your little baby heart because I love to make GIFs and will likely make another one about getting through a bad day using some other example.

Happy Thursday. You still have a few days to turn the week around if it sucked for you. You can do it! I did! Unless you are having “shark week” than you should just sit back and let that ride out because lets face it, crazy emotions need more than I have suggested. You need chocolate!

Until later peeps!!



4 thoughts on “Bad day smackdown

  1. football GIFs are the perfect way to describe getting thru a bad day, loved it! o and i almost peed my pants at your alarm clock dance scenerio. thank u for that 🙂

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