joshuaThis guy gives Zero craps about this pic… this was on Sunday so I’m assuming he was starting to feel ill

Yesterday I felt like the biggest failure in all life aspects. I took my son to the dermatologist as scheduled and that went really nowhere. He was perfectly fine, acting like himself. I dropped him off at daycare and began my day at work a bit late due to the doctor’s appointment only to get a call 45 minutes later that my son had a fever.

At this point tears started to build up in my eyeballs. Are you f’in kidding me? My son has been to the doctor FOUR times in the last two weeks because of other things going on and now he has a fever.

I fought off tears as much as I could until I left work and headed to the daycare to pick him up. My mind was racing with terrible thoughts of what could be wrong with him. I am a “worst case scenario” thinker and I always go to the worst possible thought. It is exhausting but my brain does this, not me. When I called the doctor they could not see him for another 3 hours.

Insert meltdown… Anyway. We finally get to the doctor to find out that my poor angel face has strep throat. I was so over it all by this point.

I felt like I may lose my job because I have not been able to get to work consistently. Everything at the pharmacy kept getting messed up. I was spending so much money that I did not have and did not know how I was going to continue to pay for all of these medical expenses. I was reaching my breaking point.

I hung out with my boyfriend later on that evening and got mad at him as well. I am just not good with bad days at all. After he left and my son was in bed my greatest friendship face ever that makes me intentionally use grammar incorrectly came over. We ended the night with a great laugh with a story that may land me in the crazy house so that will just stay between us. I can’t let you guys know how cool I really am so soon.

The point of this post is that bad days happen. You can not give up and quit even when you really want to. You have to fight through those bad days so that you can be stronger. Look at my good friend Kanye. If he can make it then so can you. Sometimes you just have to look back on those bad days and do this….

Now let’s all try to have a good day today! Thanks peeps!


3 thoughts on “Streppin’

  1. Daycare is LITERALLY the most stressful thing in the world. They should have some sort of daycare that is also a doctor’s office with individual rooms for the kids, so people don’t have to miss work over a runny nose. In fact, let’s start that so we can get rich!

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