Dance Floor Spillage

ImageI enjoy a good awkward photo alone.


My name is Christina and I like to make up words.. Is spillage a word? Anyway, I was supposed to recap this on Friday but my life has had me temporarily disposed. Excuses, excuses… I know.

Let’s start this off with a fantastic photo of Christina before drunk Christina took over (I’m Christina btw). This girl comes around maybe twice a year. I do not drink…. often. I used to get trashed on a regular basis and would walk around in my wasted pants and heels like I was a boss (pronounced baws). Once I found out I was pregnant with my son I put down the vodka, cranberry juice and Redbull and just never picked it back up. I drink wine from time to time but am terrified of what would happen if I drank actually liquor again. Now that you have the briefest background in history; let’s get to the reception.

It was approximately 8:00PM when we arrived at the reception. We were announced as we walked in and sat out the table with the bridal party. We were all starving and pretty parched as we had only been given snacks while at the church prior to the wedding. I like to eat food that makes me feel full and while I do love cheese… a hand full of cheese cubes and crackers are not going to cut it for this girl. I did not complain because my dress was safety pinned to me and I did not want to make this any worse. After we were all in we, obviously were allowed to get our food first. I loaded my plate with everything, chicken wings, pot stickers and meatballs (I don’t like meatballs). Then I went to the bar and got a bottle of water, a coke, and a glass of wine. Upon returning to my seat I ate all of the food (minus the meatballs) and drank all of my beverages in record time and returned for more beverage. They were already out of the first wine that I had so I moved on to another one all too quickly realizing that this open bar was dwindling quickly and I needed to drink fast if I wanted my share.


In the above photo it is clear that I was starting to feel myself. I was now “bout that life”. I even took a sip for the camera. My friend Kim (bottom) and I started to have the time of our lives after this picture. This was likely my third glass of wine in approximately 30 minutes. I should have stopped after this glass of wine but it did not end there. You see, the bridesmaids all had to do a dance soon in front of the 200 or so guests. I have no problem bussin a move out on the dance floor with everyone else, however when all eyes are on me (even when in a group) I get extremely nervous. After this photo booth session we headed back to the bar and doubled up on our glasses to try to be a step ahead of the wine-out.

We laughed, we ate more food, we watched the bride and groom smash their solo dance mix/mash up of all genera’s and that was of course ahhhmazing! Now all twelve of the bridesmaids stumbled to the dance floor and begin to perform our masterpiece to the amazing song “Bootycall” by Blackstreet. I nailed that bad boy! Drink in hand and slightly spilling all along the way. Next it was time to hammer it out to all types of songs with the rest of the attendees and kids, I had all the confidence in the world and went ahead and grabbed another drink to keep the party going. At this point I was spilling everywhere (including on my dress) but who cares! It was already torn and I was committing a homicide on that dance floor. I even joined in to do the wobble.. if you do not know that dance look it up on YouTube. Its a fun time.

 wobble_3206106_GIFSoup.comI like to think of this as my new signature move.


Finally Kim and I decided that we may need to dial it back a bit on the drinking since we had only been there about and hour and we were already really drunk. We decided to grab a water and take over the photo booth. I warn you.. these images are HILARIOUS!! I was not sure if I should put  them up but then I thought, people will laugh and my decision was made.

photo booth 4photo booth 2photo booth 3

Those pictures were also uploaded onto Facebook by the photo booth company so our “secret” takeover was no longer secret. I went ahead and untagged myself but I am sure everyone already saw them and now I am putting them on a blog. GO ME!!

I hope you enjoyed drunk Christina. She very rarely makes appearances but when she does it is sure to leave a memory.. and some laughs.

The next day I felt terrible and thus reminded myself why I only drink wine and why I do not do it often.

What do you think about drunk Christina? be kind… I’m only human.


One thought on “Dance Floor Spillage

  1. Greatest story teller ever. I know drunk Christina so my visuals were electrifying! Thank u kindly for allowing us the pleasure of viewing ur photo booth takeover!

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