Friendly Friendships Friends

What up Peeps?!? So, yesterday was the rehearsal dinner for the wedding that I will be in on Saturday. I must admit that I was actually dreading going most of the day, even the moment that I arrived and waited for rehearsal to start. Once it got started and I saw my friend walking down the aisle and how happy she was (while another friend cried like the world was about to end) I started to get really excited.

I have complained a lot during this process (not to the bride-to-be) because I am basically a selfish person when it all comes down to it. I guess you could say that I like to get attention and give my input on everything but in weddings you keep your mouth shut and your opinion to yourself. What the bride wants, the bride gets. In our society marriages do not typically last forever and there is a 50% chance that it will be successful. I am going to look at this as the only wedding that my friend will ever have and therefore be supportive all the way until the reception is finished and until the day that she tells me that I need to be a hater of men with her. She is amazing and I know that they love each other.



Tristan (bride-to-be) and myself with the cheese stain on my shirt


Sometimes I think so negatively about everything and I am not sure why. On the outside I try to be so positive and happy but my brain likes to think like the devil trying to set the world on fire. It is a good thing that my actions do not match my thoughts or I would have been in prison long ago.

Life is so short and our youth is fading as quickly as I type this email; and I can type 70+ words per minute so this is no slow pace over here. I want to enjoy these moments and be thankful for the friendships that I have made with some really great women! I love them and I look forward to continuing to build memories until the wheels fall off. Today is also a great friends birthday so I am throwing it back a few years to when I was a drunk so you can see my pretty face.


Don’t be a hater on my photo quality. I am a beginner still. 🙂

Happy Good Friday. Let’s make it GRRRRREAT! (in my tony the tiger voice)



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