Oh Sunshine, how do I love thee!!


I must say that I am like an emotional yo-yo everyday, week, month… you name it and I can guarantee that I will swing from one side to the other all while being fairly happy in some way. Today I am feeling much more upbeat and positive about my future and I can not even tell you why. Maybe its because it is pre-Friday and that is pretty much my next favorite day after Saturday and Sunday (when I do not work on Monday). I think that I put a good amount of emphasis on making sure that I get my happiness from within although outside forces do tend to interfere with this agenda.

I wish that I could determine what made me this way. Why am I perfectly fine and then so sad and upset that I feel nauseous when I am trying to eat? I can just have a negative thought and believe it to be true and that can throw everything off. Someone help me act like a grown up!! One day soon I hope that this will all make sense. Unfortunately for you, if I am happy than my writing does not seem as interesting. I guess we can gather that I am better at being interesting when it comes from a place of pain and sadness.

Until next time, have a safe and positive pre-Friday Loves!!


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