Welcome to the arena

As I was searching the blog world today on the fancy bloglovin’ I noticed something missing. I was trying to find a blog written by a single woman that would be honest about the things in life that are challenging. This includes love, parenting, fashion, hair, make-up, friendships, and fitness. Basically I wanted someone that was going through was I was going through and would put that on the internets for everyone to read. The internets (I know it is not plural I just like to refer to it in the plural tense as if it were a group of gossiping, no-it-all females) is a place that has taken over our lives and social media has made everything more complicated and made everyone (including myself) feel inadequate. I was fortunate enough to live briefly before the world of internets but only as a child. By the time I landed myself into fancy college school, social media had began to take over chat rooms and change our lives forever.

Now we all have the ability to stalk whoever we want without doing a “drive by” or a “prank call”. The risk of getting caught is much lower and more socially acceptable. I even stalk people that are not famous and have never met me. Why? I don’t know, because their life seems cooler than mine; maybe, not really. Everyone now has a real life and a life they live on the internets. I want my real life relationships and internets relationships to be the same and co-exist happily. That hasn’t been working for me.

With this blog I am going to try to be completely honest about the way I live my life, how my brain thinks, and what crazy stuff I do on the internets. Until next time internets friendship faces. 


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